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Everest Travel & Congresses provides the opportunity to its customers, to quest and reserve air tickets, with all possible and available airlines, from all over the world, in a real time with 100% accuracy at competitive prices. You just have to try us!


In Everest Travel & Congresses, we have established partnerships with the majority of shipping companies, in order to provide to our customers the opportunity to reach more destinations. Now, you can easily book your shipping ticket through our website platform!

Corporate Travel

With 20 years of experience in planning business trips, Everest Travel & Congresses is here to point out the right path for the completion of your goals.

Corporate travel and incentives are becoming increasingly necessary, as they contribute significantly to the development of a company and the strengthening of relationships between the company and its employees.

Everest Travel & Congresses team is here to provide specialized personnel for a continuous and immediate contact, on a 24/7 basis, able to resolve any kind of travel arrangement or alteration that might occur, at the best possible way, in order for the corporate traveler to continue inconsiderable its business.

Recreational Trips

The proper planning of a holiday and the choice of suitable accommodation are the major factors that are directly influencing the outcome of your holidays.
In Everest Travel & Congresses, you will find a partner who shares exactly the same goal as you: to make these days ideal, exactly as you have dreamed, being carefree, relaxed, without problems and stress.
Having visited dozens of hotels in every corner of Greece and abroad, we are ready to respond to every travelling need, providing holiday solutions that will satisfy you and your next holiday destination…

You just have to define the destination…
Everything else will be taken cared by us!

Conference, Meetings and Events planning

Studying the needs not only of our existing clients, but also of the market in general, we detected the competitive elements that make the planning of a conference successful.

Our philosophy is based on the fact that each conference is unique and requires unique solutions.

In Everest Travel & Congresses we possess an active human resource with valuable experience which believes in individualized services, innovation and the ideal relationship between price and quality of services.

Following our vision and being consistent to our customers’ goals, we are her to plan successful conferences and events which have a lasting impact, always through an honest and discrete cooperation.

Congress Services

Conference Planning and Execution Team
Contracts with Congress venues and Hotel in Greece and Abroad
Studying the Exhibition Needs of your Conference
Conference Accreditation
Creation of a Scientific Program in Cooperation with the Organising Committee
Creation and Constant Updating of the Conference webpage
On-line Registrations
Financial Analysis and Monitoring of the Conference
Conference Promotion and Study for the increase of Participants
Claim of Conference Financing
Preparing and Printing of Congress Material
On-site Management

Virtual & Hybrid Congresses

Everest Travel & Congresses team, responding to the rapid developments of the new era and the need for continuing scientific knowledge and training , having all the necessary tools, experience and expertise at their disposal, is at your disposal for web congresses and events.

The new working conditions require us to adapt and find new and more flexible solutions and service possibilities in order to cope with the requirements and the trust of our customers.

We can organize for you :

• Webinars
• Virtual Congresses & Meetings
• Live Events
• Hybrid Meetings
• Live Streaming
• Electronic learning platform

The ease of use as well as the flexibility they provide in the way they are monitored have made webinars the most popular way to learn electronics.

All tools used are customizable and tailored to your needs.

About VIP Services


Exclusive Transfers

Either if you need a transfer for your business meetings, reaching the airport, tours or trips, or you just need to spoil yourself on a very special day, you can trust us with your desires and we will correspond accordingly with the best possible way.


Luxury Yacht Rentals

If you are dreaming staying on a room, not just with a sea view…. but on it, then you must try having your holidays on your own private yacht or sailing boat and experience the real thing! Such holidays will definitely be memorable!


Private Flight Jets & Helicopter Rental

Flying private is just that – private! And confidential! Time saving, Productivity, Convenience, Flexibility, Quality of service, Privacy, Reduced stress, Luxury, Image, are just some of the privileges!